Certified Sewing Educator

Offered in cooperation with Sewing Educators Alliance and the Sewing Dealers Trade Association. This program is offered to home sewing industry teachers who truly educate and inspire others to sew. If you are a Professional Sewing Educator, you will want to achieve the only professional designation offered. Consider what the Certified Sewing Educator program will mean to your professional sewing and teaching future! The Certified Sewing Educator (CSE) program is for Professional Sewing Educators, designed to create a sense of honor to those that achieve the designation. Upon completion of 30 points of directed classes in three categories, along with adhering to the standards set by the Sewing Dealers Trade Association (SDTA) and Sewing Educators Alliance (SEA), the Professional Sewing Educator will apply for and be awarded the CSE designation. After obtaining the CSE, educators will need to complete eight points every two years, to maintain the designation. Four of these points may be accumulated at the annual dealer conventions provided by the manufacturers, as well as other pre-approved (by application only) programs. The remaining four points must be accumulated at the Sewing Dealers Trade Association Conventions/Events and the Sewing Educators Alliance Conference.

Qualifications for Professional Sewing Educator:

  • Applicant must be a member of SEA/SDTA.

  • Applicant must meet a minimum requirement of 3 years of previous teaching that can be verified.

  • Applicant will provide a list of 3 references, and two letters of reference from employer or institution where teacher has given sewing classes.

  • Applicant will provide SEA certification committee 2 completed samples of their specialty area.

  • Applicant will provide SEA certification committee all documentation of all classes completed totally the 40 required points, and the complete signed application for the CSE designation, along with required letters of reference and required samples of specialty area.

  • Applicant must be active in their community.

  • Applicant must supply a copy of their professional business card.

  • Applicant must have internet capabilities with an active email address


Classes offered for CSE

Approved classes for certification will be marked appropriately in the SEA or SDTA conference class descriptions, along with the number of points awarded. Each of these classes will have a certificate of completion to be distributed by the instructor. These certificates are the sole responsibility of the CSE applicant to obtain, accumulate, and provide copies for the SEA certification committee at the time of application.

For a complete list of SDTA and SEA Certification classes offered at the 2017 VDTA•SDTA Trade Show and Convention, see the link to our webpage below:



About the Association

The Vacuum Dealers Trade Association (VDTA) and the Sewing Dealers Trade Association (SDTA) exist to educate and promote independent floor care and sewing dealers in order to increase their market share. It exists to promote programs designed to enable the industry to be more competitive and to improve the industry as a whole.

The VDTA • SDTA is dedicated to supporting the interests of independent vacuum cleaner and sewing machine dealers around the world. It is the independent dealers’ voice in the floor care and sewing industries. The primary goal of the association is providing avenues to increase sales, communication, service, market share, and profit for all independent vacuum and sewing retailers. The association provides the floor care and sewing industries with the latest information on products and services, sales and marketing, training, and education through the monthly publications, SQE Professional and Floor Care Professional/Central Vac Professional and yearly conventions.

Many other association-sponsored programs and services are available to independent dealer members to improve their businesses using the code of ethics, member standards, special programs, sales tools, and member benefits.


If you are interested in becoming a member of the Sewing Educators Alliance please email Judy Patterson at mail@vdta.com.

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