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Sewing Knowledge: It's Meant to Be Shared

Professional sewing educators travel throughout the world in order to spread the word on sewing. They have written books, spoken at seminars, and answered sewing-related questions over and over again. They continue to instruct more classes, write more books and articles, and attend more shows so they can help you, as an independent sewing dealer, excite your customers and increase sales through seminars, workshops, and classes.

When you invite a sewing educator to visit your store to present a workshop or class, you are taking advantage of an excellent opportunity to generate publicity, goodwill, and best of all, product sales. You are also establishing yourself within your community as an authority in your field. When your customers can attend classes at your store and conquer their fears of new or unfamiliar sewing skills, they are able to plan future projects and carry them through to success. This creates a need for products and materials and results in repeat sales for you.

Guest speakers can turn classes at your store into exciting and profitable events. Invite a sewing professional into your store and get ready to inspire your customers and move your products.

About the Association

The Vacuum Dealers Trade Association (VDTA) and the Sewing Dealers Trade Association (SDTA) exist to educate and promote independent floor care and sewing dealers in order to increase their market share. It exists to promote programs designed to enable the industry to be more competitive and to improve the industry as a whole.

The VDTA • SDTA is dedicated to supporting the interests of independent vacuum cleaner and sewing machine dealers around the world. It is the independent dealers’ voice in the floor care and sewing industries. The primary goal of the association is providing avenues to increase sales, communication, service, market share, and profit for all independent vacuum and sewing retailers. The association provides the floor care and sewing industries with the latest information on products and services, sales and marketing, training, and education through the monthly publications, SQE Professional and Floor Care Professional/Central Vac Professional and yearly conventions.

Many other association-sponsored programs and services are available to independent dealer members to improve their businesses using the code of ethics, member standards, special programs, sales tools, and member benefits.


If you are interested in becoming a member of the Sewing Educators Alliance please email Judy Patterson at mail@vdta.com.

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